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                                               Member since 2012
                           Member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers    
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Thanks to our company unique location, near the Alabama / Florida border, we are able to provide services for residents of both states.  Lot of our services are available statewide or nationwide but certain ones are offered ONLY to residents of Florida ( preparation of Family Law Forms)  or Alabama (Notary Public services) respectively.                     
                                                          GT&DS is NOT a law firm and we are NOT attorneys

                                               LEGAL DOCUMENT PREPARATION
Our goal is to empower customers, who have decided to pursue their legal matters on their own, as Pro Se litigants,  either by a necessity or by a choice, by offering them resources, time, attention and expertise concerning  legal document preparation. Information is power. Knowledge is power. When we educate ourselves about the problems we are facing, it always leads to better and more confident decision making. 

Why use a Legal Document Preparer?
Using an experienced legal document preparer can save you money, while leaving you in charge of your legal matter. 
Legal document preparers ARE NOT attorneys and as such are prohibited from giving legal advice to  their  customers,  but can 
assist customers to prepare their legal documents correctly, efficiently & more affordably. LDP can provide current  general legal information and knowledgeable assistance from start to finish while leaving the customer in "the driver's seat" during the entire legal process.

Who are Legal Document Preparers?
Legal Document Preparers (LDP) are according to The Florida Bar Association, NON-LAWYERS or NON-ATTORNEYS.  Non-lawyer/ non-attorney is any individual who is not a member of The Florida Bar. LDPs DO NOT work under the supervision of an attorney. Legal Document Preparers provide  clerical & administrative services.  

Our LDP Service:

Our Document Preparation Service is a combination of virtual & traditional (brick and mortar) service. We collect information either via phone or by questionnaires. Finished documents are delivered by e-mail , regular mail or by a personal delivery, depending on a customer's preference or his/ her location.We strive to be the best at what we do everyday, one customer at the time. Referrals from our past customers has been the best feedback for us. We guarantee quality work, confidentiality of your information, ethical business conduct, affordable prices and a prompt delivery. We are always ready to meet our customers in person and we do our absolute best to satisfy their needs!


Pro ČESKY mluvící návštevníky našich stránek
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o webova stránka je v současné době dostupná pouze v Anglickém jazyce. Pokud máte zájem o naše služby, zavolejte nám nebo pošlete email na níže uvedenou adresu. Rádi Vám podáme informace v Českém jazyce. 
NEJSME PRÁVNÍ FIRMA. Nejsme advokáti / právníci a jako takoví nejsme oprávněni poskytovat právní rady našim zákazníkům nebo je zastupovat při soudních jednáních. Příprava všech právních dokumentů probíhá vždy pouze podle specifických instrukcí zákazníka.
Specializujeme se na:
1/ Přípravu právních dokumentů v oblasti rodinného práva (rozvody, výživné atd.) pro obyvatele státu Florida.
2/ Přípravu přistěhovaleckých dokumentů (žádost o "Zelenou kartu", občanství USA, prodloužení pobytu v US, změna víza,
povolení k vycestování z USA atd.) pro kvalifikované žadatele z celých Spojených Států a ze zahraničí.
3/ Překlady a tlumočení.
4/ Notarske sluzby (Notary Public) pro obyvatele statu Alabama. 

                                                      We can assist you in the following areas: 



TRANSLATIONS  (Nationwide)

   (Florida Residents ONLY) 


SERVICES  (State of Alabama ONLY) - Mobile Notary Public

We are NOT attorneys. We cannot provide legal advice, cannot tell you what your rights or remedies are, cannot tell you how to testify in court and cannot represent you in court. If you need a legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney in your area.
read the Disclaimer & Disclosure page before contacting us.       


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                               *****  TRANSLATION SERVICES   *****      

                                     We offer translations from the following Slavic languages ONLY: 
                                Czech, Slovak, Russian, Romanian,Ukrainian, Bulgarian & Polish
                                                                (Several other languages are available upon request.)

Examples of available translations: 
      Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Marriage Certificates, Inoculation Certificates, School Transcripts,  
                                        Diplomas & Degrees, various Business & Personal Documents 
                                                                                        Prices & Fees:
                                      Regular translation:   6 cents per word or $35 per page minimum 

ther: Legal, Medical etc.:  Price will be determined after initial conversation      
             Mailing fee:   Vary (See PayPal "Shipping Fee" button below)  
                                      Personal delivery fee:   $25 or more (If driving distance exceeds 50 miles both ways)  


Multiple translations
Mailing Fees (US Post Office)


                                                                   Delivery options:

                                                    Email, USPS Priority & Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or in person. 
                                                                               Our team:

All of our translators are native speakers of their respective languages.They all share the same professional ethics & dedication. The founder, Ms. Martin, has been working as an interpreter for Family Court as well as for the general public since 2003. She assisted her customers during family court proceedings, divorce meditations,
attorney-client meetings & annulment hearing etc. She has been translating various personal and business documents for close to 10 years. She is a native speaker of Czech & Slovak languages and had studied Russian language for over 8 years.

                          We guarantee accuracy, affordable rates and prompt delivery!



    Mobile Notary Signing Agent - State of Alabama at Large ONLY
                                                                       Available 24/7 !!!

I am a mobile notary public signing agent. I am a native speaker of Czech & Slovak languages. I promise dedications, knowledge, experience, confidentiality, professional & ethical business conduct, reasonable prices and prompt delivery. 
I have been successfully assisting lenders & companies from Louisiana, New York, Kentucky, Nevada, Alabama etc. for the last 3 years.

My experience includes (but is not limited to):  Various regular documents  
                                                                                                Estate documents
                                                                                                Divorce documents                                                                                                                                                                                                         Re-Finance package 
                                                                                                Reverse Mortgage package
                                                                                                Business loans package 

Fees are based on: 
                             1/Type of notarization 
                              (How many pages & copies needs to be printed, notarized, signed etc.)
                             2/ Driving distance & time  
                             (10 miles one way is FREE, after that 0.50 cents per mile.)
Basic fee: starts at $25

         Visit my account at Notary Rotary website for more details:            


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